The Fastest Is Only One Part

shutterstock_110595269We live in a world where Amazon Prime, and its free two day delivery is beaten out only by same day grocery delivery services. This very successful model shows us that speed of service must be a factor in customer satisfaction. But is it?

Truthfully, it is a component. No one wants to wait. We’re all in a hurry today. There’s always somewhere else to go, another errand to run, and another selfie to post. We can’t be bothered with waiting. We want it fast.

Unless it’s wrong. See, when a company is rushing to fill an order quickly, they’re more likely to make mistakes. And when mistakes are made, customers who didn’t get the attention they felt they should have, whether in the initial contact or when they were dealing with a customer service issue, are the ones who gripe the loudest.

Think about the last time you had to make a return. If the company spent a lot of time making sure they got it right the second time around, you had a better user experience. If they just handed you your money and had you sign a form, you had resolution, but you still felt like you had a bad experience, right?

Taking time matters. The best Ebay transaction I’ve ever had, the seller sent a handwritten note referencing the item I purchased. So I knew she hadn’t sat down in front of the television and written out “Thank you” twenty times. She actually mentioned my item, and it made me realize that I was more than just a sale to her. I still buy from her today.

Try to slow down your process by just a minute or two, long enough to say a special thank you or personalize your customer’s experience, and see the difference it makes.

Danielle VanZorn, PMP, SPHR

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