The Secret To Customer Service…..

shutterstock_151466639Training your employees to provide the highest level of customer service may seem like a daunting task. Yet, once they have learned your system and flow, there are only a few essential keys to customer service that they really need to know:

Patience– When your associates are patient with your customers, they will consistently deliver better customer service every time.

Attentiveness– While patience is the art of letting the customer tell their full story, attentiveness is the art of actually paying attention to it. Teach your staff how to take notes while they’re listening, so that they can refer back to what the customer has already told them.

Product Knowledge– When your staff knows your product inside and out, they’re going to instantly be able to diagnose problems and/or help find a solution. Always build confidence by making sure your people know what they selling and how it works.

Communication Skills– Make sure conversations with customers do not sound like they are reading from scripts, even if they are. Teach staff to enunciate and use words that everyone understands. Let them know that being human is a good thing – kindness, humor, understanding, sympathy – this is what a customer is looking for. Even when delivering negative news if done right you are likely to retain the customer and at the very least you have not made an enemy who can do damage. I tell customer service teams to make a connection with everyone they interact with no matter how small the interaction or transaction – make it a goal for yourself. The best part – not only will you excel at your job, but you will also be happier for it. Nothing lifts your spirit as much as helping others.

Positivity– When your employees use positive language and a positive tone of voice, the outcome will be better for the customer and the business. Instead of saying “I can’t do that,” your employees should be saying “Here’s how I can help.”

Power to Act– If they have great product knowledge, they’ve patiently listened to the problem, and their communication skills are top notch, then they fully know how they can help, which means the customer is going to be happier. Give your staff the ability to carry out the needed changes so the customer gets their resolution quicker.

All in all, customer service really comes down to these six pieces of the puzzle. If your staff knows each piece, and how to put the puzzle together, it will be a snap! Sounds too easy right? Well….there is a catch; you must never stop training on this! Just when you think you’re done – it’s time to start again and this goes for you too: always lead by example.

Danielle VanZorn, PMP, SPHR

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