ADKAR Model for Change

shutterstock_163521182 - Copy - CopyThe ADKAR model is a simple, but effective tool for change management designed by Prosci.

It stands for:

A  Awareness of the need for change

D  Desire to support the change

K  Knowledge of how to change

A  Ability to demonstrate new skills and behaviors

R  Reinforcement to make the change stick

The great thing about ADKAR is it can be applied to a wide variety of changes, it’s easy to explain and grasp, and works well with project management methodology. It helps plan for new change and helps to diagnose where current change is failing so corrective action can be taken.

Where I find ADKAR really shines is for business managers who are strong at the business side of change, but lacking on the human side. For example, a manager may be stellar at identifying a business need, designing the solution, developing the processes or systems and then implementing the solution, but when it comes to the individual side of change… often a giant gap in what should be done appears.

ADKAR establishes a frame work which helps managers with a step-by-step structured approach to deal with the people side of change. When done right, it helps to ensure project success by creating utilization, adoption and proficiency.

No matter how great your business change ability is – if your employees are not on board, your project will ultimately fail. Try ADKAR and see if it works for your organization.

Danielle VanZorn, PMP, SPHR

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