Happy Birthday To Me


I received the most unusual birthday present: our veterinarian called and said, “Hey I have someone who needs a rescue, come pick him up!” Right now? This minute? …  Well, okay what is he? “A Sulcata.” Oh – how big is he? “About 50 pounds right now.” We’re on our way. And that is how Edison came home on my birthday.

Now for those who do not know about African Sulcata they are the third largest tortoise in the world. Edison, who we are guessing is around five years old, will easily reach over 100 pounds and possibly up into the 150 pound range. They are truly magnificent creatures and sadly one of the most in need. You see, when they are babies they are so very tiny and adorable. Most people rush into buying them thinking that it will take thirty years for them to grow large and they decide they will not worry about that issue until then. Well as you can see at about five years of age Edison is already 50++ pounds and needs a vast amount of land to roam on. Sulcata roam and roam and then they roam some more. You really need acreage to own full grown Sulcatas.

Edison is adorable in every way and has taken over our home. Since you certainly cannot keep something like this in a cage it is a lot like living with a horse. They roam and have a barn or a room of some sort for sleeping in and inclement weather. But, unlike a horse they dig so you must be extremely careful that you have secured their area. Hence another problem for these guys as they escape and cannot live wild in our environment.

We are very happy Edison moved in and I have to say he is certainly my most unique birthday gift ever!

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